New Year Revolutions ;)

Happy New Year Kittens!

2013 was a helluva year.  I started a new job that is an actual big girl job.  Between working late and having to go in early I had to take a little hiatus from pole only getting my classes once in a while and too tired to pole at home.   Not to mention some unfortunate financial circumstances.  Between work and weight gain from slacking off at the gym I decided to kick 2014 into high gear, or at least give it my very best effort.  🙂  I’m educating at least 2 days  week to poling and 3 days a week to stretch and 4 days a week at the gym to cross train.  I’m join to order Cleo’s Rockin Legs and Abs and will post my progress for splits.  2014 is going to be a year dedicated to doing the things I love, getting my pole body back and learning to love me again.

Here’s my pole plan for tomorrow:

-warm up with a short free dance

-25 dancers squats (toes out, legs wide)

-10 spiderman push ups or regular push ups

-Climbs–silly side and dominant side – depending on ho tall your pole is, I’m 6 feet tall with short ceilings so I do one climb up and “squat” for 10 on both sides.

-pole hangs -5 each side

-layback crunches – 10


I’m going to run through this 2-3 times and then practice:

-spins (fireman, backhook, inside hook and variations)

-over head v or fliptini


I’m sure that will be more than enough to start LOL.  and if you are feeling like I am just know that IT DOES COME BACK!!!  I’m trying to remember the journey and sometimes we take a few steps back or rest along the way and that is ok!

I’ll talk to you all next week!  Make it a great week and remember how truly awesome you are!

Awesome New Pole Products

I love new pole products.  it’s like a new treasure found and when they are tailored specifically for us it’s even better!  Our very own Pole-licious hottie Shannon created Vertical Swag.  Vertical Swag specializes in products specifically for pole dancers.  Their biggest seller are the wrist wraps.  Shannon makes these by hand! They are made with quality fabrics and super cute patterns!  She will even make you custom wraps!  Shannon’s company has been featured by Leen Isabel the creator of Pole Dancing Adventures.

These wraps are amazing for girls like me that have weak wrists from slaving over a keyboard for years.  They let you repeatedly practice tricks that would normally kill your wrists after a few attempts. They also help stabilize you until you get comfortable in your new inverted pose of the week 🙂  I have used them to strengthen my basic “push pull” hold, they helped me with my butterfly and v float, you name it, the list goes on.

Check out Shannon’s website for more detailed info.  You can also use these wraps for your daily gym visit for weight lifting.  And let’s face it, who doesn’t want sexy zebra stripes…skulls…or flowers adorning their wrists?  ;P  Get your wraps today!  They are a very reasonable price!

Vertical Swag Logo