Videos to Inspire You…Pantera Blacksmith

She is amazing! Enjoy ladies!!

Videos to Inspire you. Miss Madeline Eve

Hello Hotties!

Hope you are having a good start to the week.  I had a great class with Lauren yesterday morning and was feeling great the rest of the day.  I wil lbe putting the newsletter out in a day or so but wanted to give you a heads up that on April 28th at Pole-licious we will have 2 (possibly 3) workshops for Advanced Pole and Lap Dance.  $25 each or $40 for both.

Here is a video of Madeline from her Girl Next Door performance in 2010.  I love her energy!  I can’t wait for her workshop!

Deb Roach – One Arm Pole Dancer Wins Hong Kong Championship

Yep, that’s right.  One arm.  Amogst able bodied dancers.

I know I will never say “I can’t” in the studio again.  If this woman can overcome a physical handicap then every one of us that has 2 arms can.  Deborah Roach is amazing.  Rock on girl!

I couldn’t find her whole performance, if you can let me know!




Move Move Move

Hi Hotties, Before I bundle myself off to bed to get some rest I wanted to share this video, yes, it’s 9 minutes but she dances to a few songs. I love A Perfect Circle, Maynard has a beautiful intoxicating voice. Her dancing is beautiful and free. I have made a decision to dance at … Continue reading

Tuesdays Video – Josiah “Bad Azz” Grant

this past Sunday we had an outing to the Girl Next Door Pole Soiree.  It was amazing!  I had hoped there would be some videos or pictures up and i was without camera (silly me, i will learn to be more prepared).  so i promise as soon as the videos are up i will share them.  The performances were breathtaking.  There was a gorgeous booty poppin’ Snow White (OMG!!!), sexy twins, the hottest June Cleaver I’ve ever seen and so much more.  14 performances were well worth the $45 ticket price.  The best part was seeing how much fun everyone was having as they danced.  they smiled, winked, and you could tell that they were enjoying their dances so much!  I’m going to remember that next week at On the Rocks…..  so i promise to write more about the show later when i have some vids and pics…….

Yes, let’s get to why this is about Josiah Grant.  He was at the show an what an awesome guy.  He stopped to chat with us for a bit and better yet, we got to see him freestyle.  His movement is D-I-V-I-N-E (and he has a beautiful body LOL), he is so fluid, his toes always perfectly pointed and tricks so controlled.  He is such an awesome example of men growing in pole.  So I hope you enjoy this video of him.  Have a great day hotties!!!

Don’t forget to check the schedule for classes today!

Tuesday – Videos that Inspire


Hello all you Sexy Vixens.  It’s Tuesday so you know what that means…an inspiring video.  This week I picked Natasha Wang’s performance from the Girl Next Door Show from last year.  Girl Next Door show is this Sunday and I’m going!  It wil lbe my first GND show so I feel like I’m going to Disneyland!  I will write you ladies a full report on Monday (I hope) LOL..  Have a great day hotties and as always don’t forget to check the schedule for AM and PM classes.