Awesome New Pole Products

I love new pole products.  it’s like a new treasure found and when they are tailored specifically for us it’s even better!  Our very own Pole-licious hottie Shannon created Vertical Swag.  Vertical Swag specializes in products specifically for pole dancers.  Their biggest seller are the wrist wraps.  Shannon makes these by hand! They are made with quality fabrics and super cute patterns!  She will even make you custom wraps!  Shannon’s company has been featured by Leen Isabel the creator of Pole Dancing Adventures.

These wraps are amazing for girls like me that have weak wrists from slaving over a keyboard for years.  They let you repeatedly practice tricks that would normally kill your wrists after a few attempts. They also help stabilize you until you get comfortable in your new inverted pose of the week 🙂  I have used them to strengthen my basic “push pull” hold, they helped me with my butterfly and v float, you name it, the list goes on.

Check out Shannon’s website for more detailed info.  You can also use these wraps for your daily gym visit for weight lifting.  And let’s face it, who doesn’t want sexy zebra stripes…skulls…or flowers adorning their wrists?  ;P  Get your wraps today!  They are a very reasonable price!

Vertical Swag Logo


Tips and Tricks from Aerial Amy

The Nemesis Tricks….We all have at least 1 (or 5 or 6) nemesis tricks.  These are those elusive tricks that I see everyone else get but me, like the squirrel.  I lusted after the  squirrel every week, every class, 3 teachers!!  Finally I got a tweak from another instructor.  It was the smallest little tip and I magically understood how the trick worked. (one of these days I will make it as pretty as Lauren and Laura’s 🙂 )  My point is, sometimes that’s all it takes, a little tiny tip from a different point of view.

My new nemesis is the leg switch, I slide every damned time, my inside leg hook is ugly as sin and I’m on a mission to pretty it up a little. 🙂

SO, I wish i could video myself and give you tips and tricks, but alas, I am not at that level in my pole journey, so i decided to reblog to you, video tips from Aerial Amy’s blog.  Amy is great, her tips are awesome!  Below is a link to the blog page and the video as well.  Bring your nemesis tricks to class!  ❤

Have a great day hotties!!!

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