FoolProof Foods to Slow Down Aging

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I love Dr. Oz.  His tips are great and so far the ones I’ve tried seem to work pretty well.  Here are some easy food fixes to slow down aging.  I’m adding hanging upside down to the list as well.  I’m convinced it’s the fountain of youth LOL. ❤  Have a great day and don’t forget class this morning and tonight! ❤

Foolproof Food Combos to Slow Down Aging



Chronic inflammation can wreak havoc on your body, both externally and on a cellular level, making you age faster than you should. Dr. Oz reveals exciting new findings about how certain food combinations can actually slow aging by reducing cellular inflammation, allowing you to look and feel better than ever.

Foolproof Combo to Prevent Cell Damage: Pink Grapefruit and Avocado

Grapefruits are great on their own: They’re rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that’s been shown to reduce inflammation and prevent cell damage. But when you pair grapefruit with avocado, the avocado’s healthy fats actually help increase lycopene absorption, making it more available for your body to use.

Try eating the grapefruit and avocado combo 1-2 times a week, using about half of each. Incorporate them into your meals by cooking citrus-glazed shrimp tacos with avocado and grapefruit for a zesty, creamy treat, or simply toss them together in a salad.

Foolproof Combo to Protect Your Eyes: Brussels Sprouts and Olive Oil

Lutein, found in Brussels sprouts, lowers the risk of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness, making it one of the most beneficial nutrients out there for your vision. When you add olive oil to the sprouts, the oil’s healthy fats enhance the amount of the lutein that your body can store and absorb, providing a combination that’s bursting with flavor and health benefits.

One delicious way to eat the combo the recommended 1-2 times per week is by making a brown rice bowl with caramelized Brussels sprouts. Use some minute-microwavable brown rice and sauté steamed Brussels sprouts in olive oil with turkey bacon. Combine and enjoy!

Foolproof Combo to Prevent Heart Disease: Apples and Chocolate

Keep your heart young with the anti-inflammatory compound found in apples called quercetin. Apple skins are loaded with it. You can boost your benefits even more by combining the apples with flavonoid-rich dark chocolate. Studies show that when you eat them together, the antioxidant-heavy duo significantly reduces your risk of heart disease and helps prevent blood clots.

For a tasty dessert, take a cue from fondue and dip apple slices in melted dark chocolate and some chopped nuts, then chill them in the fridge. It’s a great dessert that, in moderate portions, can be enjoyed daily!

Foolproof Combo to Keep Your Skin Young: Green Tea and Lemon

Green tea is naturally rich in catechin, a powerful antioxidant; by adding a splash of lemon juice, you’ll maximize catechin’s ability to keep your skin looking young. The vitamin C within the lemon juice slows the breakdown of the tea’s antioxidants, so more are readily available for your body to use. This delicious combo can be enjoyed daily, even up to a few times a day.  (Sidenote rom Jen: Add honey to your tea to sweeten it up!)

A Little All Natural Healing….SLEEP

A Little All Natural Healing..I did a post a while back that is now on the “New to Pole” page about bangs, bumps and bruises but there are a lot of other things we all go through on a daily basis that can be helped with a little all natural healing. Holistic healing has been around for thousands of years. It is less harmful to your body, doesn’t require a doctors visit and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.:) Here are my tips for sleep. Hope these help you ladies. We need to be well rested goddesses to work that pole!


Melatonin – Melatonin is a naturally occuring hormone produced by the pineal gland. When it is dark, your body produces more melatonin; when it is light, the production of melatonin drops. Taking an additional you melatonin supplement in the evening 30-60 minutes before bed will help you get a restful night’s sleep.

Valerian – Valerian is a flower that grows in Europe and Asia. It has been used since the time of the Romans to relieve a number of ailments including anxiety, insomnia and digestive complaints. Valerian is non addictive and is available in pill, tea, and liquid extract form. (I would NOT recommend this to calm your jitters before a pole performance, sleepy time only)

L-Theanine – An amino acid found in green tea and capsule form. L theanine helps the reduce mental and physical stress by helping the body to produce GABA, a feel good neurotransmitter that helps to raise dopamine levels in your brain.

I know I said sleep aids but these two help to increase the sleepy chemicals in your brain but they also help with anxiety and depression.

5-HTP – For anxiety and depression as well as insomnia – 5 hydroxytryptophan (whew!). An amino acid that helps produce serotonin. Serotonin is what controls that happy feeling. Serotonin can affect sleep, appetite, temperature, sexual behavior, and pain sensation. I have been taking this for years and when I stop, it’s noticeable. (Should not be used with anti depressant or MAOI inhibitors.)

I’m not a doctor or a health practitioner. I have just been takling herbs for years and wanted to share what I know. ❤ All these products can be found locally here in the South Baty at most health food stores. I personally love Lindberg on Sepulveda and Hawthorne. Sprouts is a another really good resource.

Have a great day hotties and don't forget class at 6:30 this evening!