THis week (so far) in Pole :)

Happy Hump Day!  Well the end of hump day.  I’m still on Cloud 9 and deliciously sore from an epic class last night.  We did a strength training circuit and it was INTENSE! We did rows, “tucks”, ab lifts with the Fly Gym, superman push ups (owie my poor inner thighs!!!) and a lot more.  I love these classes, they really help build your strength for pole and we just have such a good time.  We also danced in the backlight and it makes you feel twice as sexy. 😉  It’s really nice to get such a variety in class.  A killer workout and warm up, followed with some trick practice and a good 20 minutes of free dancing is a perfect workout if you ask me.  The euphoria you feel afterwards is epic.  No gym session does that for me 🙂

So on to the news!  UPA ( has made my day.  They have a new feature on their website called “Pole Talk”, it’s basically like an all Pole FB.  I am starting to hate regular FB and all I really check is the “All Things Pole” field, LOL so this is a dream come true!  It’ still very new and people are still joining but so far it seems cool!  The video is below.  Oh and you have to be a member (FREE) of their website in order to see the Pole Talk tab.  Check it out!


POLE EXPO 2014!!!

Pole Con for the west coast!!!  Lots of workshops, vendors and awesome performances.  


Passes are $165 and includes the showcase



I LOVE Cleo, she’s cute and has an attitude and is so friendly.  I was so excited that she responded to a comment I made on a video of hers. She gave me renewed hope for splits!  Did you know she was 30 when she finally got her splits and she’s 34 now.  Also, she’s a tall girl at 5’9″. Being a hair shy of 6’0″, this always makes me feel good since I insist on believing that my eight somehow hinders my poling ability LOL.  Flexy blog to follow later.  ANYWAYS, the video below ws posted by Cleo, “Five Things No Poler Should Do”.  Ha-Larious, and with that I bid you farewell.  Remember, be safe and sexy hotties!!! (Sorry I couldn’t embed the video, you have to click the link, but it’s worth it )






March Madness!!!





Hellloooooo Hotties!

What a month for March so far!  We just started our newest DC (daily challenge) for push-up, planks and dips.  Gotta get that body strong and swoll! LOL  Check out the videos below and I put together a little playlist for you of what I’m digging right now.

DC is below, you can join in at any time!

Just to make March a little more filled with Madness, I’m throwing out a handstand challenge too.  I HATE and FEAR handstands like I fear a giant spider descending from the ceiling or my husband leaving dirty dishes in the sink.  But for the love of god, I am a 34 year old woman and I WILL conquer them 🙂 To help you out wherever you are in your handstanding journey, watch the video below.  She has some awesome tips for all levels of acrobatics, including mine (i.e. too scared to kick my feet off the ground).  It’s long but worth it!  Just think how strong you will all be after this month! 🙂  DC PUSH UP

Saturday night Pole-licious mobbed the BeSpun Night of Sexy Performances.  It was a good show.  For $7 you can’t beat a night of pole.  So much booty bouncing!  So many body waves and some amazing strength sprinkled in with it.  I loved that Be Spun had girls from all levels of their classes dance.  Aside from a the super long space in between dances and the freaking outrageous drink prices ($18 vodka cran OUCHIE!) it was a lot of fun!

Now I’m feeling inspired to get down on some floorwork!   Floor work is oh so sexy and while it looks seemingly easy, it’s very hard and a very good workout.  Put on your slinky leggings and dance and slide and feel your way around the floor.  Play with your cat pounces, experiment with tik toks and clocks and just roll around and feel something new and fun and see how it works for you.  I JUST finished a 1/2 hour freestyle time and needless to say even tho I “just danced”, I’m exhausted LOL, but I think I have the beginnings of this adorable little (HARD AS HELL) floor move. Practice makes perfection 🙂 and I apologize that Facebook REFUSES to let me embed a video dammit, you have to click the link 😦


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Release the Sexy!

I may just be late to the party but the past few months I feel like there has been an overwhelming acceptance of the sexy side of pole.  For a long time I felt I was reading story after story about the controversy of being sexy and that being sensual and sexual in your dance means that you can’t be taken seriously as an athlete. …but lately I notice more and more videos are dripping with sensuality and awe inspiring displays of strength.  I subscribe to a Facebook feed called All Things Pole (subscribe to it if you don’t already!!), Barbie started it and lately I see more flashy glitter heels, more sexy dances being posted filled with slow sexy cat pounces, signature booty pops and mesmerizing hip circles.  Why am I writing about it? It just makes me smile to see the freedom and power revealed when inhibitions are checked at the door and their sexy is unleashed.  What do you think?

I’ve been back and forth between a couple of studios and maybe it’s coming back to Pole-licious and the sultry feel of our little studio. The environment i so loving and welcoming.  The dusky lighting, our living starry sky and the warm dim lighting.  The focus is always on the dance and how we feel.  We always have enough time to work on our tricks but we also take the time to dance ourselves into breathless abandon. Since coming back to pole there hasn’t been a night I’ve come to class that I haven’t left with that feeling of floating in a pool of warm water.  Something about the energy we create is so utterly beautiful, sensual and calming.

We’ve had some very very fun classes the past couple of weeks.  My favorite being the backlight classes.  Here are a couple pics blow.  We warmed up with lots of booty pops, hip circles, sexy bridges, push ups and planks.  We were all a sweaty mess.  The room was literally steamy!


photo 2photo 1


Barbie and Daniela recently went to Kelly Yvonne’s new show Seven.  I her it is full of temptations and desires. Can’t wait to hear about it this week and I vow to go to the next one!  Barbie tagged a bunch of songs and shared them with us.  Maybe one will inspire you for your dance this week?

More Pole Con 2012!

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So I gave you a little overview Tuesday, today I want to tell you all about performances from Saturday. I saw so many different kinds of dance my jaw was permemantly embedded in the ground! My friend Lauren and I volunteered to be pole fluffers for the Bad Kitty Fashion Show and performances.  I was so excited … Continue reading

 Happy Friday …


Happy Friday Gorgeouses!!!!  This week has been crazy!  2 job interviews for an awesome position and i’m waiting impatiently for a callback today.  This girly needs to be working again!!  So i finally finally figured out how to get all my music published in iTunes 🙂  Below is a list of the songs and click here to go to iTunes to preview the songs to see if you like them.  I download a lot of my mp3’s for free at  I hope you like these songs as much as I do ❤ 


Our On The Rocks showcase with Siren is this Thursday starting at 8:30.  Come down and support the studio and bring everyone you know! 



All she wants to do is dance!

Hello Hotties! Happy Friday! You made it! I am super excited for tomorrow’s workshops with Madeline. Advanced pole and lapdance? I can’t wait to learn some sexy sultry moves !!

I hope you all enjoy the playlist today! Please bear with my while I try and find a decent mp3 flash player. I’m new to this HTML thing and iTunes doesn’t like my music that comes from other places ❤ I apologize for the extra click. When you click the links below it will open a new window and preview the music ❤

Whew! It has been a drama weekend in regards to music playlists. My music doesn’t always come from ITunes and for some reason, ITunes won’t share most of my music. Either way, I have a new media player to share and preview songs. AS ALWAYS, if you have a more creative means for getting music, … Continue reading

Music to move you

Happy Friday…well close enough right?

Here’s a playlist to get you dancing.  Need a song for On the Rocks?  Maybe one of these will strike your fancy.  As always, please feel free to send me some of your fave songs, just message ro comment names and I will download them.  Thanks and have a great weekend!  Don’t forget we have classes Saturday AM!  Oh, click here for the itunes list.  There are 2 Lady gaga songs that didn’t make it on there *annoyed*  but I included them below.


Lady Gaga – Stuck On Fuckin’ You
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Lady GaGa – Fever
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Friday Friday..Music to Start the weekend

These songs will get you moving.  Have a great weekend everyone!  I’m wiped.  it’s been an emotional week. 🙂

Click here to get the list in iTunes unless of course you have a more creative way to acquire music ❤