THis week (so far) in Pole :)

Happy Hump Day!  Well the end of hump day.  I’m still on Cloud 9 and deliciously sore from an epic class last night.  We did a strength training circuit and it was INTENSE! We did rows, “tucks”, ab lifts with the Fly Gym, superman push ups (owie my poor inner thighs!!!) and a lot more.  I love these classes, they really help build your strength for pole and we just have such a good time.  We also danced in the backlight and it makes you feel twice as sexy. 😉  It’s really nice to get such a variety in class.  A killer workout and warm up, followed with some trick practice and a good 20 minutes of free dancing is a perfect workout if you ask me.  The euphoria you feel afterwards is epic.  No gym session does that for me 🙂

So on to the news!  UPA ( has made my day.  They have a new feature on their website called “Pole Talk”, it’s basically like an all Pole FB.  I am starting to hate regular FB and all I really check is the “All Things Pole” field, LOL so this is a dream come true!  It’ still very new and people are still joining but so far it seems cool!  The video is below.  Oh and you have to be a member (FREE) of their website in order to see the Pole Talk tab.  Check it out!


POLE EXPO 2014!!!

Pole Con for the west coast!!!  Lots of workshops, vendors and awesome performances.  


Passes are $165 and includes the showcase



I LOVE Cleo, she’s cute and has an attitude and is so friendly.  I was so excited that she responded to a comment I made on a video of hers. She gave me renewed hope for splits!  Did you know she was 30 when she finally got her splits and she’s 34 now.  Also, she’s a tall girl at 5’9″. Being a hair shy of 6’0″, this always makes me feel good since I insist on believing that my eight somehow hinders my poling ability LOL.  Flexy blog to follow later.  ANYWAYS, the video below ws posted by Cleo, “Five Things No Poler Should Do”.  Ha-Larious, and with that I bid you farewell.  Remember, be safe and sexy hotties!!! (Sorry I couldn’t embed the video, you have to click the link, but it’s worth it )