March Madness!!!





Hellloooooo Hotties!

What a month for March so far!  We just started our newest DC (daily challenge) for push-up, planks and dips.  Gotta get that body strong and swoll! LOL  Check out the videos below and I put together a little playlist for you of what I’m digging right now.

DC is below, you can join in at any time!

Just to make March a little more filled with Madness, I’m throwing out a handstand challenge too.  I HATE and FEAR handstands like I fear a giant spider descending from the ceiling or my husband leaving dirty dishes in the sink.  But for the love of god, I am a 34 year old woman and I WILL conquer them 🙂 To help you out wherever you are in your handstanding journey, watch the video below.  She has some awesome tips for all levels of acrobatics, including mine (i.e. too scared to kick my feet off the ground).  It’s long but worth it!  Just think how strong you will all be after this month! 🙂  DC PUSH UP

Saturday night Pole-licious mobbed the BeSpun Night of Sexy Performances.  It was a good show.  For $7 you can’t beat a night of pole.  So much booty bouncing!  So many body waves and some amazing strength sprinkled in with it.  I loved that Be Spun had girls from all levels of their classes dance.  Aside from a the super long space in between dances and the freaking outrageous drink prices ($18 vodka cran OUCHIE!) it was a lot of fun!

Now I’m feeling inspired to get down on some floorwork!   Floor work is oh so sexy and while it looks seemingly easy, it’s very hard and a very good workout.  Put on your slinky leggings and dance and slide and feel your way around the floor.  Play with your cat pounces, experiment with tik toks and clocks and just roll around and feel something new and fun and see how it works for you.  I JUST finished a 1/2 hour freestyle time and needless to say even tho I “just danced”, I’m exhausted LOL, but I think I have the beginnings of this adorable little (HARD AS HELL) floor move. Practice makes perfection 🙂 and I apologize that Facebook REFUSES to let me embed a video dammit, you have to click the link 😦


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