Release the Sexy!

I may just be late to the party but the past few months I feel like there has been an overwhelming acceptance of the sexy side of pole.  For a long time I felt I was reading story after story about the controversy of being sexy and that being sensual and sexual in your dance means that you can’t be taken seriously as an athlete. …but lately I notice more and more videos are dripping with sensuality and awe inspiring displays of strength.  I subscribe to a Facebook feed called All Things Pole (subscribe to it if you don’t already!!), Barbie started it and lately I see more flashy glitter heels, more sexy dances being posted filled with slow sexy cat pounces, signature booty pops and mesmerizing hip circles.  Why am I writing about it? It just makes me smile to see the freedom and power revealed when inhibitions are checked at the door and their sexy is unleashed.  What do you think?

I’ve been back and forth between a couple of studios and maybe it’s coming back to Pole-licious and the sultry feel of our little studio. The environment i so loving and welcoming.  The dusky lighting, our living starry sky and the warm dim lighting.  The focus is always on the dance and how we feel.  We always have enough time to work on our tricks but we also take the time to dance ourselves into breathless abandon. Since coming back to pole there hasn’t been a night I’ve come to class that I haven’t left with that feeling of floating in a pool of warm water.  Something about the energy we create is so utterly beautiful, sensual and calming.

We’ve had some very very fun classes the past couple of weeks.  My favorite being the backlight classes.  Here are a couple pics blow.  We warmed up with lots of booty pops, hip circles, sexy bridges, push ups and planks.  We were all a sweaty mess.  The room was literally steamy!


photo 2photo 1


Barbie and Daniela recently went to Kelly Yvonne’s new show Seven.  I her it is full of temptations and desires. Can’t wait to hear about it this week and I vow to go to the next one!  Barbie tagged a bunch of songs and shared them with us.  Maybe one will inspire you for your dance this week?