Challenge: Aerial Silks

I have been lacking on pole posts lately. I promise to post some more pole stuff for you.  Maybe gathering all UPA’s sexyback week videos for you  ❤  Would that make it better?  I haven’t seen half of them yet.  work has been murderous and home life is nuts right now.  i need to make a schedule and stick to it!  Everything is suffering including my workouts…of any kind.

Last night with the help of a groupon (yay Groupon!!) I took an aerial silks class.  Again, you’d think it would be like pole.  Not so much!  It’s a like climbing a soft moving noodle of a pole.  Our teacher was a very small (I am 6 feet, everyone is small to me) :), we were watching him in awe before class started as he climbed, twisted and contorted and made this fabulous class look easy…..  We warmed up with some light stretching and lots of shoulder rolls, a very interesting variation of a cat pounce that I think may stretch you better than childs pose (think girls on the floor, booty in the pair, back flexed, kind of a half cat pounce).  Our first lesson was how to climb, I immediately had butterflies in my stomach over this and was silently giving myself a hug for all the upper body strength I’ve acquired.  To climb you are to wrap the silk between your legs and around your dominant leg flexing your foot and pulling yourself up the silk with your arms completely outstretched.  No leverage!  You must hold, engage and lift your legs up, stepping (essentially) on your wrapped foot and pushing your hips into the silk and repeating this all the way up.  Silks evoke images of soft fabric.  i learned very quickly that by not lowering to the ground slowly that the fabric will burn you.  My left foot is an excellent reminder of that today. We also inverted!  (see pic below), i have ot say it was easy, inverting on a pole is much harder to me, but to come out of this invert and hold your body table top is damn near impossible!  We also had to sit in the swing and balace with out body in a “V” and do V’Ups (abs), i’m feeling that today!  We did some upper body condtioning, climbed a little more and I was in awe on the small 9 year old child monkeying herself up and down the silks.

The reason I’m sharing this experience with you is because I’m coming to realize that in order to progress the journey you have to progress the strength too.  I made a very big deal today about slowing my pole journey again. I still feel like I’m in a race to get to the finish but it’s not that…again!  Silks are a great conditioner for your upper body for pole.  I can see where my lifts and other inverted tricks will become more stable and strong and with anything, it’s good to vary what you are doing.  Pole is my heart and soul, but even I need to stray to another thing once in a while to make sure I don’t tire of my stainless steel mistress.


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