Challenge: Anti-Gravity Yoga


Brings images of weightlessness right? Wrong! This has got to be one of the hardest workouts I have ever attempted. I often like to brag (shamelessly) that pole is the best workout ever. That I have gained amazing strength from pole and conditioning for pole. I think anti-gravity yoga exercises are a must for pole conditioning. (Totally helps that Pole-licious has 2 yoga swings now 🙂 The yoga swing is essentially one 9 foot wide piece of fabric (silky) that is suspended from the ceiling from both ends creating a hammock about 2 feet off the ground. These are rated up to 1000 pounds, even my 6 foot tall frame felt tiny in this thing. I’m 181 at the moment and I was bouncing up and down in it so I was confident as far as that goes LOL

Barbara, Karen and I ventured to Believe Fitness in El Segundo. Awesome studio, friendly people. Our yoga adventure started out with manuevering and folding fabric around our hands and legs,pretty easy and damned comfy… so far, so good. Then we laid flat in our hammock feet and head out and grabbed our feet, just like in the picture. I’m not flexible so I was feeling awesome at this point. What is so so different about the pole vs. silk is that you need A LOT of hand, forearm and wrist strength for silk, or AG yoga. WE need that in pole as well, but this requires so much more.

We moved on to a series of inversions, our first pose involved us getting all wrapped up in our silk and doing a somersault into the hammock. Barb and I looked at eachother with the “hell no, not gonna happen look” LOL, but we both attempted and did it! First somersault ever in life, LOL. We then did poses that looked like an upside down bat, a headstand of sorts (help with pencil!!) inverted splits, etc. The core strength it takes to balance upside down and trying to steady your swing is insane! So by this point, I’m cracking up at how weak I am, swinging wildly back and forth and grunting and groaning. We moved on to what I thought would be painless, down dogs with the hammock supporting your hips…WRONG! My pole bruises were nothing compared to how this piece of fabric bites into your skin., The teacher said that your skin breaks in after about 6 classes. Holy s#$t!!!! It’s 2 days later and I have a bruise across my hip and hip bones.

Moving along to planking, another bruise I’m feeling on my non dominant (silly) shoulder. We had to plank, aerially (is that right?) bracing with your shoulder and your feet in opposing directions, keep your butt off the fabric. sore abs? CHECK! We ended with some punishing push ups and planking, then came the cool down, we got to swing, then lay inside this ginormous piece of fabric and swing and meditate for 5 minutes, it was so blissful, Mazzy Star’s Fade Into You playing softly in the background. Class ended with a backwards somersault out of the hammock. I realized how tired i was as soon as my feet hit the ground. It was an awesome class. I plan on going back as often as my budget permits.

We have 2 hammocks in class and are going to try to start incorporating them for some pole strength. My forearms and hands are aching, along with my abs, shoulders, etc. I have a whole new respect for those that do aerial silks, what strength it takes!

Please check our schedule for some new and exciting classes and changes to our website.

See you ’round the poles!!!

BTW, i know the video is teacher training but it has some awesome advanced poses.


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