Pole Con 2012…..Workshop with Jenyne Butterfly

Apologies for the one not so great picture.  I will add more to this post as I get them from the other girls.  I know I know, you hear nothing from me for a week or two and all of a sudden I have things to write! LOL… Between Pole Con, starting a new job and teacher training I have been crazy busy. Some of you know that as a part of your access pass to the convention there were free workshops offered. Jenyne Butterfly and Felix Cane gave 2 free workshops. They were on a first come, first served basis so Lauren and I wanted to make sure we got there early. There was a lot of confusion at the first workshop and a lot of ladies that had been waiting for over and hour did not get in due to cutters and people saving places. Not cool in my book and how unfair and rotten. Anyways! Back to happy workshop land! The workshop started at 2:45 so we lined up at noon. over the next 2 hours we killed time (by peeking in the Bad Kitty theater across the hall. I wanted to see the Pole Pumas and Grande Dames perform, I hope I look half as good as they do in my 40’s and 50’s!)  Huddled in the hallway, cold and stiff jointed getting the colds and strep throat that would debilitate us on Tuesday, we waited. FINALLY, the doors opened and we grabbed our pole. 3 to a pole and we were right up front with Jenyne.

I was really nervous walking in ot this.  Jenyne is jaw dropping awesome and I’m barely starting advanced pole, i was fearful that she would teach tricks like a spatchcock, things I can’t even fathom.  Jenyne catered to all levels. We started off with a basic, but gorgeous spin that went into a kind of backhook but came back around.  just gorgeous!  The second part of the combo was a climb to a twisted ballerina type of move (I can do that on the ground LOL), then into an twisted switch (that i cannot do…YET!).  Those of us that didn’t have the strength for the latter part could continue working the first part.  My nerves were gone within minutes and Jenyne was so gracious.  Taking time to stop at each group of dancers and redemonstrate, she even let us all film her lesson so we could take it home. All this in a free workshop, talk about giving back to the community.   She stayed after to take pics with us, sign our stuff and climbed way up top to give us a great going out speech.  I believe in auras and energy and Jenyne Butterfly has a beautful, soothing energy about her that is larger than life, considering she is about the teeniest tiniest dancer I have ever met, yet a powerhouse of solid, ripped muscle.  After 11 years of pole I hope to attain that level of strength.

By the time it was over Lauren and I were exhausted!  Her more than me because she was aerial.  I love to pole with Lauren.  If i see something I like I like to make her do it first LOL!  The experience taught me a lot of things and exposed me to all kinds of dancers.  We met a lovely gal from Australia that shared our pole with us.  I have one pic to add and there will be more coming. I promise, bear with me as a new blogger, I’m still working on it ❤


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