More Pole Con 2012!

So I gave you a little overview Tuesday, today I want to tell you all about performances from Saturday. I saw so many different kinds of dance my jaw was permemantly embedded in the ground!

My friend Lauren and I volunteered to be pole fluffers for the Bad Kitty Fashion Show and performances.  I was so excited all week for this.  We got to meet and see Felix Cane, Jenyne Butterfly, Steven Retchless, Nadia Sharif, Karol Helms, Alethea Austin and Cleo the Hurricane and so many more pole stars.  We also got free shirts which i always love and saved front row seating.  i highly recommend volunteering for shows and competitions, not ony do you get to meet lots of amazing pole dancers but you network and make new pole friends!

Luckily, Lauren and I were off duty right after the fashion show.  I was really happy to be watching the show from the front of the stage instead of the back.  Everyone was lovely to meet and so gracious.  Jenyne let us swarm on her after the show for pictures and she was such a nice person and as tired as she was, she stayed to let everyone take pics and chat.

Alethea performed with a fractured rib.  She fractured it the week before at Ink ‘n’ Iron.  She did a GORGEOUS floor and chair routine to Lamb of God. Lamb of God is an extremely hardcore metal band.  I was a metal head back in the day so it’s making me rethink music again.  I will tell you more about the meet and greet we all had with Alethea on Sunday later.

So instead of listening to me yammer on about how awesome the dances were.  Here are some videos of some of my favorites. 

OH! Click here to see pole dancers from IPC 2012 take over TMZ and Beverly Hills! HILARIOUS



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