International Pole Convention 2012 aka DISNEYLAND!

Pole Con 2012.  WOW! WOW! WOW! I really don’t know where to start… I am still riding high and feeling like I’m on sensory overload.  So today I’ll give you an overview and over the next couple days I’ll blog about each thing a little more in-depth.  I hope that’s okay with you guys.  I’m trying to get back to blogging at least every other day and I want to share all the details I can remember from my first Pole Con.  I have been teacher training and started working full-time.  I’m almost at my balance! LOL

Pole Con is pole dancing Disneyland.  We get to meet all our favorite pole celebs, buy lots of really cool (discounted) pole clothing, bags, bracelets, etc.  see amazing performances and shows.  I think there must have been 50+ pole performances throughout the day on Saturday including the main event on Saturday night, which I was fortunate enough to have the honor of pole fluffing (cleaning for those that don’t like fluffing, but whatever).

Saturday AM I got there with my Pole-licious hotties and we did some shopping, my Pole Con adventure started Saturday because I was stuck at work Friday (boo hiss) but such is life.  I hit Alethea’s booth first thing and bought myself some gorgeous goodies.  Alethea has a great product line.  She also have a new set of DVD’s out for Sexy Fundamentals and Floorwork.  I can’t wait to get training with them.  After that we tried to get into the free Liquid Motion Workshop.  It wasn’t meant to be tho so we went and grabbed some seats for the first show.   The performances were breathtaking.  I saw so many amazing and talented dancers and met women who were friendly, positive and supportive. I love our community.

After lunch with the hotties it was back to the Bad Kitty Theater for more performances!  Natasha Wang, Phoenix Kazree, Pantera, just to name a few left me speechless, I promise to get more in-depth and post videos for you!  Then we were off to a negative and positive energy workshop that I took extensive notes on that I plan to share with you all.

We then headed off to open pole played for a bit and back to the Bad Kitty Theater for the main event.  I recommend volunteering.  You get to be backstage with all your favorite starts and you are pretty much guaranteed free convention swag and front row seats LOL,  It was a blast and needs its own blog entry.  I will share this week!

We were tired kittens and homeward bound it was after that.  Food in the belly and off to dreamland…


Woke in the morning, breakfast with Lauren and back to the Marriot!  We started with some more shopping, never enough of that right?  LOL  Then we checked out the Guinness Book of World Records Ayesha Hold.  Holy Crap, that looked ridiculously impossible.  Legs perfectly parallel for, no elbow slippage for more than 51 seconds.  The record was 1 minute 16 seconds!  AMAZING STRENGTH~!

We had the HONOR of taking a workshop with Jenyne Butterfly.  Jenyne is a beautiful human being inside and out and was very gracious and happy to let us film the lesson as she went along but also the help break down each piece for us.  Sunday we also had a meet and greet with Alethea Austin. More to come on that, she’s a truly remarkable woman.

It’s late my darlings and I am in need of some shut-eye.  Poor Lauren has the flu and I am hoping I’m not coming down with it.  Check out some pics below loves.


See you ’round the poles!


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