The Do’s and Don’ts of Dancing in Heels


There is no denying that a pair of heels make your legs look miles long, but before you go twirling around the pole in a pair there are a few things to keep in mind:

If you have never worn heels I advise against starting with a pair over 5 inches, or stilettos! if you insist tho, get a shoe with a thicker heel or a wider base, they will be easier to balance in while you learn. And most important, start off slow!!!!

Put on your heels and stand before a full-length mirror. Practice placing the weight on the balls of your feet. Shift the weight from one foot to the other.Take small rhythmic steps. Watch you feet in the mirror, and note your foot position if you feel unstable. Dancers like Felix Cane or Alethea Austin dance on the balls of their feet, even in heels.

Practice simple steps away from the mirror. Keep your shoulders back and your posture upright. Be aware of your body. If your feel unstable at any time, take note of where your feet are placed and work on locking your ankles.

Pay attention to your core muscles, such as your abdominal wall. A strong abdomen and back are essential for good balance. Pole and other strength or resistance training will help strengthen these muscles (think corset 🙂 )

Next, practice walking. You should keep it slow!! 15-20 minutes a day. Walk with a heel toe motion and move with your entire body when you walk. Be aware of your balance!

Always always always buy a shoe with an ankle strap of some kind. When you are towering in a pair of 6 inch stilettos you will need the extra support while you are dancing and it will keep you from flinging your shoe off and injuring yourself or knocking someone else out LOL

After you are comfortable in your new sexy long leg makers start practicing walking around the pole, maybe a spin or two. Heels are sexy! I am trying to get over my fear of them. LOL. if you have anything to add please feel free! ❤

Have a great Sunday hotties! I will. It’s True Blood premiere night! Yay!!!


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