Pacific Pole Championships

This past weekend I was lucky enough to go to the Pacific Pole Championships in Los Angeles.   The event was at the Sheraton in L.A. It was so much fun!  I volunteered to be a pole fluffer (I like the term fluffer, I was informed this weekend that some find it negative, but i like it LOL)  I ended up doing an extra long shift…3 1/2 hours!  I’ve been out of class for 5 weeks so I am so so so glad that I chose to wear big black shiny boots to help me shimmy up and down the pole.  It was a ton of fun and I met so many lovely dancers backstage. Rhiannon Nicole is fast becoming one of my faves on You Tube and I must say she is just the sweetest gal you would want to meet.  “Egypt“, a dancer from Vegas blew me away with her moves. I’ve been watching her videos on You Tube and am blown away!  new pole crush!  The Artistic Entertainment category was a riot.  LMFAO with a hairy chest and mustache had me in laughing hysterically!!!  Oh !  And I met Amber Richard, a a regular with the Girl Next Door Show, she was so sweet and gracious ❤

We had 2 Pole-licious hotties compete and a whole bunch of us volunteering.  I must say we were extremely well represented!

ONE OF OUR POLE-LICIOUS HOTTIES PLACED!!!  One of our very own instructors Lauren Lanza placed second in Freestyle Level 2!!!

I call Lauren the Doogie Howser of pole.  She’s been poleing 10 months and has excelled at a phenomenal rate,  I think she was born to be a pole dancer.  She is a joy to watch.  The Freestyle was HARD.  The dancers were each given an iPod loaded with one song an hour before they were to be on stage.  They had an hour to choreograph!  Impossible!  But I had the pleasure of being backstage with Lauren and getting a front row seat for her performance.  I would have sworn that she has practiced for months!!  It was a beatiful dance and a great song too.  I was in awe of my friend.  I have watched Lauren’s journey since the beginning fo Pole-licious and I was so proud of her.  She came in 2nd, only one point behind

Our other hottie Shawna came out and shook her tailfeathers (quite literally).  I am so proud of Shawna for getting out there and executing her tricks with the grace and beauty she always does..  I am inspired by her to compete and go for it and I hope she keeps competing!  She is a hot little firecracker and is going to do amazing things with pole dancing. ❤

One of my favorite things about the competition was the sense of camaraderie in our pole community.  I didn’t hear any catty comments, no psyching out and it was such a beautful thing.  That’s what we need in our community to help it grow and blossom and spread that loving feeling to other women so they can discover their inner vixen.

Look for a music blag later this week with songs from the competition.  See you ’round the poles!!!

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