Tips and Tricks for Your Basic Invert…Courtesy of Aerial Amy

The invert….  Gasp!  Upside down!!!  my most dreaded trick when I moved to Level 2.  This is the foundation of every aerial pole trick you learn and it’s impoetant not to just learn it but to MASTER it.  I learned from day 1 at Pole-licious to master your trick before moving on to the next transition.  It will not only look better but it is safer.  Aerial Amy posted an entry today about the basic invert. I wanted to share it with you because I think I’m going to re-visit this and master mine. ❤

“Nemesis Trick: Basic Invert

Today we’re going to go over a few tips to clean up your basic invert.

I teach this with your hips in front of the pole, with a leg sweep of the outside leg. I DON’T teach it with a kick, or a running start. Your weight should shift from the outside (back) foot, into your front foot, and then your outside leg should SWEEP up. The goal is to pivot up, using your arms as the pivot point (again, that seesaw example!).

While your leg is sweeping up, you should be engaged through your entire upper body, including your core- you should be one long line of muscle like a plank, literally just TIPPING from upright to upside down. You want to keep pulling DOWN on the pole with your arms, it’s like you’re trying to pull the pole to your crotch. Really, this move is all about the crotch. Crotch crotch crotch. Stop thinking about getting your legs on the pole, because what will make this look graceful, clean and effortless is focusing on your crotch.

Your movement should stop because your HIPS come all the way to the pole, and once they’ve come all the way to the pole, there’s no further that they could possibly go. If you are still pulling DOWN on the pole, like you should be, then at this point, your weight is nearly perfectly vertical and you could really almost balance upside down without wrapping your legs. It should be easy breezy after your hips are all the way up, to continue the sweep of your front leg until it comes into position in front of the pole.

If you are in the habit of hooking your ankle, and pulling your crotch to the pole when you’re upside down, try picking a point on the pole about 5 feet above your head, and try to get your ankle to THAT point. If you need to tie a scarf or something around the pole, do that. Also, focus on keeping your arms bent, and chest close to the pole, until your hips nearly completely overhead. There should almost be a moment where you feel weightless because you are pulling down at the same time that your legs are coming up. If you straighten your arms before that, you are likely kicking up and catching your heel on the pole and hauling your butt up. That’s not pretty.

If you are used to starting starting BEHIND the pole (I see some polers step back into a lunge and then kick the outside leg up from there… oh dear), that’s another reason you’re having trouble getting your legs high up the pole and your hips to the pole. If you are way behind the pole, and tipping backwards, your arms can’t bend and engage and pull you into position, your hips stay floating away from the pole, and your ankle is the only thing that CAN catch because you’re so far away that nothing else can possibly reach!

To see these concepts in a video, take a look below (or click here to visit YouTube). You’ll notice I tied a strength wrap around the pole to give you an idea of where to aim for with your foot!”


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