Work That Body.. Abs, Legs and Booty

Hi Hotties!!! Kristina posted a great workout, Buns of Envy, check it out here.  There is also Abs of Envy and we are always on the quest for  six pack.  I want mine to be better than the boys! Rawr!  These workouts don’t seem to require more than a set of weights.  I’m all for that.  Follow it up with a snack with a lot of protein, my favorite smooth recipe of the week is below.  After a hard workout at home, pole class or the gym you need to fuel those muscles to make sure they rebuild.  Make those fliptinis stronger and easier.

almond milk (about a cup)

banana (frozen of fresh)

raspberries (about a 1/2 cup, frozen is cheaper and easier)

greek yogurt, plain (about a 1/2 cup)

honey (a tablespoon or so)

add a piece of wheat toast with some peanut butter too if you are still hungry 🙂  I usually am!!



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