Fall In Love With Your Body

When I started pole a year ago I loved my body. I had finally reached a point in my life where I embraced my Amazonian height and broad shoulders. had finally accepted and loved that I would never be a size 7, that my curves were a gift and I loved them. healthy was, I knew what fit was. Then something happened and I can’t pinpoint where the “I love me” train derailed, but that nit picky bitch that lives in my head started cutting me down again. I started looking in the mirror and criticizing myself. Not just one thing but all things “If only my hair were thicker”, “I wish I was a few inches shorter”, “Why can’t my legs and butt be chisled and firm and high and round!” EVERYTHING! even avoiding free dance like the plague in pole class and at home. WTF? Why? Why do this to myself? Then I read something that turned my thinking right around.

The pictures below are of Inga Duncan Thornell. She had a double mastectomy and instead going the more conventional route of reconstruction she instead chose to commemorate her breasts with a gorgeous costom tattooed chest plate bra. When I saw these photos they brought tears to my eyes. One Sunday a month for 2 and half years she and her artist Tina Bafaro worked on this beautiful piece of art.


This is true acceptance and love of your body. It made me realize that I’m driving myself insane and I’m just right the way I am. So I’m going to work my way back to where I started a year ago and I’m going to dance and move and feel and be okay with it. Wear my tiny booty shorts and not worry about bumpy thighs. We all need to love our lumps and bumps. If you are 5 feet tall, don’t like your legs or tummy, love it because there is no one else that is you. Every curve or wrinkle or stretch mark, they all tell a story of you. ❤

Hope to see you 'round the poles today hotties!!!!



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  1. Thank you once again Jennifer for a great article and reminding us to have self-love. I so appreciate your words of Wisdom and Love. Heidi

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