Tips and Tricks from Aerial Amy

The Nemesis Tricks….We all have at least 1 (or 5 or 6) nemesis tricks.  These are those elusive tricks that I see everyone else get but me, like the squirrel.  I lusted after the  squirrel every week, every class, 3 teachers!!  Finally I got a tweak from another instructor.  It was the smallest little tip and I magically understood how the trick worked. (one of these days I will make it as pretty as Lauren and Laura’s 🙂 )  My point is, sometimes that’s all it takes, a little tiny tip from a different point of view.

My new nemesis is the leg switch, I slide every damned time, my inside leg hook is ugly as sin and I’m on a mission to pretty it up a little. 🙂

SO, I wish i could video myself and give you tips and tricks, but alas, I am not at that level in my pole journey, so i decided to reblog to you, video tips from Aerial Amy’s blog.  Amy is great, her tips are awesome!  Below is a link to the blog page and the video as well.  Bring your nemesis tricks to class!  ❤

Have a great day hotties!!!

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