The Dirty “S” Word…Stripper *gasp!!*

That’s right, Stripper.  Long before I came to Pole-licious and before pole dance fitness gained momentum, I have always loved strippers.  And why not?  There’s something admirable about a woman that can harness that raw animal sexuality and female energy to manipulate men into opening their wallets.  I say you go girl!  Not everyone feels like I do though and although I’m new on my pole journey I’ve run across blogs or interviews that vehemently deny the similarities between pole dance and stripping.

Before you get mad at me, WAIT! Of course there are huge and obvious differences.  We aren’t onstage in a club getting paid.  We keep our clothes ON.  We do this as expression, to open up, for female camaraderie and to make ourselves feel EMPOWERED!

Hip circles, body waves, crawling around on the floor, good girl bad girl, SEXY, SEXY stuff.  Strippers do it too. It’s beautiful and erotic.  Rolling your hips and moving your body in swaying motions to a beat makes you feel charged and powerful.  Crawling on the floor to your pole in a dance like a tiger on the prowl makes you feel GOOD!  Pole is about letting out the inner bad girl; being sensual and erotic; dancing without abandon and judgement.  Turning our noses up at the part stripping has played in the development of our beloved pole is like saying there’s no hot in hot chocolate. 🙂

Just like all things, helping people to understand how pole dancing and stripping are different is going to take time.  For me, I really don’t see what is so hard to understand.  I

I love that Pole-licious isn’t one of these studios where the word stripper makes people frown.  We embrace the history of pole, all of it.  Well, that’s enough of my two sense for now.  🙂  I hope you all have an AWESOME day.  Please check the events page, we are planning a blinging and glittering party!

Classes are on today!  Come out and play after hiding inside yesterday!

Level 1 Pole Basics @ 9:30 with Lauren

Strength and Pole @6PM with Barbara**

**class space is limited so sign up beforehand!


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  1. Great write up as always. I took a boyfriend several years back to a strip joint and paid for a lap dance for him and also made sure he was in the front row watching the dancing. Hey, I was the one that benefited in the long run as it was I who had the great hot sex with him. Woo Hoo, Stripper Up!!!

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