Fixing Your Bumps, Bruises, Burns and Bangs


Pole dancing is beautiful and graceful and I love it but it really beats you up..literally!  I know I’ve had sideways stares from family members with raised eyebrows when I wear shorts.  I wear my bruises like a badge of honor.  A bruise means you are doing something right, they are milestones in our journey.  I thought I’d put a little list out there of all the tips and tricks I’ve gotten from our gorgeous instructors and share them again.

For bruises:

ICE –  So simple and cheap, as soon as you get home, ice your fresh tender spots to take away any swelling and to soothe the pain away.  Learning superman hurts!!!

Traumeel Gel – a natural medication to relieve bruises, inflammation and muscular pain.  Traumeel also clains to aid in joint flexibility.  Can be found at Amazon or Whole Foods.  I haven’t tried it yet but have heard amazing things.

Arnica –  Another natural medication, most often a cream.  Applied to the skin it is another magic trick for bruising.  It’s less expensive than Traumeel and can also be found at a health food store.  I love this one.

For aches and pains:

Epsom Salt bath – My favorite hands down cure for aches and pains.  They are cheap and after a hard pole workout  there is nothing better to soothe away neck and shoulder tension.  Target has them cheap and in yummy lavendar smell. 🙂

Eat pineapple – Not only does it taste great but pineapple contains the anti-inflammatory bromelain.

For pole burn:

Aloe Vera Gel – I recently took the skin off my wrist, if it hasn’t happened to you, please try and prevent it.  But if you do aloe will soothe it afterwards while it heals.

Electrical tape – It doesn’t soothe pole burn but makes it so you can carry on!  I learned this trick from Amy’s blog, if you have a small pole burn or blister you can cover it with electrical tape for class and it will also aid you in sticking ot the pole 🙂

Wrist braces  –  Your local dollar store will most likely have the cheap wrist braces, they are pretty thin but if you wear them they don’t hinder your grip and you don’t get burned 🙂  A piece of pantyhose works just as well and can be cut to any size and is less noticeable

Don’t forget that above all else REST, take a day off when your body needs it.  We are superwomen but even we need to breathe and rest.

What are your tricks?  Comment and let us know, I always need a way to cover and heal!

See you ’round the poles!!


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