Sexy Funky Chicken Dance..Wha???

Random title I know, LOL. So the story is I was feeling like dancing and exploring more and more movement. I’m realizing and I dive deeper and deeper into my pole journey I’m really unfamiliar with how my body wants to move and express emotion.  It gets even more heinous when I try and put heels on and be sexy (think Elaine from Seinfeld, or a bear on skates LOL)  I put on my song for On the Rocks and continued onward making dinner.  I moved thru my dance in my head and was very technical about it, as you need to be for a performance. 

An Audioslave i haven’t heard in a while came on, slow, sultry and slinky I found myself letting go; head rolling, deep hip circles (all while cutting raw chicken…I know right?!)  I like knives and guns so the butcher knife in my left hand was an excellent prop 🙂  But I was standing in one place, feeling like it was the best dancing I have ever done.  I think there is nothing harder than to let go in front of other people.  Now that I have let go for me, I want to let that hottie out to play.  Completely uninhibited. ❤ 

We should all do our own “sexy funky chicken dance”.  

P.S. My dear husband told me he snuck in the kitchen and saw me and was blown away.  I felt so warm and fuzzy inside.  I learned this week that shoes don’t make my dance, I do.


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