Move Move Move

Hi Hotties, Before I bundle myself off to bed to get some rest I wanted to share this video, yes, it’s 9 minutes but she dances to a few songs. I love A Perfect Circle, Maynard has a beautiful intoxicating voice. Her dancing is beautiful and free.

I have made a decision to dance at home 2-3 times a week to a playlist of different songs and styles for at least 25-30 minutes. Not only will it burn hella crazy calories, but I need some balance and gracefulness help LOL. Not tricking, but just dancing, on and off the pole, floor wall, tables, park, front yard 🙂 (you get the idea). Anyone want to join the challenge? I’m going to do it for a month. Don’t forget ON THE ROCKS TUESDAY!!!! PROMOTE THIS EVENT!!!!



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  1. Great post Jennifer. I will do this with you. I love to freestyle dance and haven’t done enough of it. I need to do this and feel the energy that it provides. I so appreciate this post and it is a beautiful reminder of showing love to ourselves. I would love to be videotaped and then have it pointed out to me where improvement can be made. Thanks Jennifer. You rock! Love, ET Heidi

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