Choreography…not so easy actually

So we have a couple weeks until we get the blow the roof off On the Rocks again with all of our Pole-liciousness, it will be AWESOME! After seeing and feeling the energy on Friday night at our first rehearsal I know it’s going to be even better than last time! Rarr!!!! Watching everyone dance and seeing everyone’s individuality come out made me think about trying to choreograph. I am not a dancer (until pole). I have never taken a dance class (until pole). I have never been in gymnastics. My dance experience is limited to shake-a-booty-bounce-bounce at Cowboy Boogie when I was single LOL.
I’ve realized after talking with a few different people there are pros and cons to planning every step or just flying by the seat of your pants (somewhat 🙂 )

Choreographing Every Step:

• You know every single step you will be taking, every spin, invert, etc…
• You can make sure you avoid all those pesky nemesis moves

The cons:

• Stage fright!!! Forgetting a move and throwing your timing off for the rest of the dance
• If you get confused, it can be hard to keep going.

Outlining your big moves and winging the rest:

The pros:

• No need to worry about every single step, just your tricking and flying and sassing it in between
• You can have fun filling in your dance while feeding off the crowd’s energy
• You can change your dance if you need to (slippery pole, sticky pole, cold pole)

The cons:

• You can get stuck wondering what pole move to do next.
• Stage fright can still happen and you can’t think of tricks to do.

Which is best? It’s up to you. The only way to really find out is to try both. Full choreography is great for competition when you have to include certain tricks.
Play with both, see what fits you. Have a great day ladies and don’t forget to check the schedule for morning and evening classes. OTR rehearsal is this Friday and Saturday!
See you ‘round the poles!


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