Focus on the Journey, Not the Destination

Barbara pointed out this interview with Natasha Wang to me over the weekend and it got me thinking of my pole journey so far (albeit short :P). When I started poling 8 months ago I felt that I was progressing at such a fast rate.  I would learn a spin and move on to the next, not ever mastering it, just learning it and moving to the next spin like an excited kid; it was like this for the first few months…then I started inverting and the aerial world opened up to me and at the same time I felt like my fast paced pole train was slowing down.  Watching this reminded me that sometimes we are in such a hurry to rush through and learn butterfly to flatline to an endless possibility of aerial combos that we forget to build our basics and enjoy the ride.  I’ve realized after healing from an injury and going back to “inversions 101” that we need to take time to learn and master each thing we learn.  For me, I “re-learned” my basic inversion and I practice it over and over and over and just hang upside down.  Now I’m ready to revisit my outside leg hang.  Take the time to smell the roses, the journey is as wonderful as the destination.  Have a great day Hotties. ❤




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