Dance Like No One is Watching

To dance without judgment?  Sounds easy enough, it’s still harder than learning any new trick.  Even though I know that no one else is judging me (and I really don’t care LOL), I judge me.  We are all our own worst critics and we almost always shut down at some point in our free dance when we look in the mirror and see a misstep, a trick not executed with perfection or if we are just having a bad day.  I can honestly say the best thing in class I have experienced is dancing blindfolded, or rolling around on the floor with a feather boa blindfolded.   When you know that no one is watching (or you can’t see them, or worse, you own judging eyes), you dance from your soul, your movement is fluid and free and beautiful because it is REAL and it pours from the heart.  If you haven’t experienced it yet you will at some point in your Pole-licious journey.  You can try it at home too, just take all necessary precautions (I recommend keeping it to the floor for safety reasons 🙂  )


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