What’s In Your Pole Bag?

A couple months ago I finally packed a pole bag (FINALLY!) Throwing things in my purse wasn’t working anymore as I built my collection of pole goodies.

My pole bag is my old laptop bag, LOL.  You can get them at Target, marshalls, Ross, Kohl’s, pretty much anywhere.   I love it because it has a neat center compartment that will fit my giant size 11 heels.  It also has a spot for my wallet and little goodies.  Here’s a quick list of the basics every Pole-licious hottie should have in her pole bag.

1.  Water Bottle – Staying hydrated is number 2 behind stretching.

2.  Wrist brace, sock, pantyhose, etc. – POLE BURN SUCKS!!!  Pack a little wrist brace (can get at your local 99 cent store), or cut the toe out of an ankle sock or even a length of pantyhose.  It will make all the different in the world.

3.  Grip Aid – I am one of those people that can’t live withour grip aids.  I need them!  I carry an eco-ball.  Available in class for $5, or you can order them on www.rei.com .  iTac is another that I love.  (Post about grip aids coming soon!)

4.  Socks – For those crazy floor pikes!!!  Ouch!!!!

5.  Legwarmers – A necessity in the wintertime.  Studios are a bit chilly this time of year and these guys really do help keep your legs warm.  Before I got an actual pair, I went to Target and purchased knee socks for $5 and cut the toes out.  Pull them down over your feet and you can use them for splits practice and ^^crazy pikes :).

6. Stripper Shoes – These aren’t a must for everyone but, if you plan on dancing in them, bring them to class and practice!

7.  Blindfold – Dancing blindfolded is one of the most freeing experiences I have had since starting Pole-licious.  It seems scary at first but helps you grow.  If you don’t already have a blindfold, you can find them at Target in the dollar section.

8.  Spare Booty Shorts – Just a good idea

9.  Hair Ties, Headbands, etc. – I love to wear my hair down but for strength and pole classes, you are going to want to pile it up.

10.  Snacks – Maybe this isn’t for everyone but I leave pole STARVING.  Just in case, pack a granola bar or a banana before you leave the house.

Hope you ladies find this helpful, what do you have in your pole bag?

See you ’round the poles!!


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